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At Snapsil, we're changing healthcare packaging...

We are developing new technologies that enable more useable, safer, and efficient packaging — because healthcare packaging should aid treatment outcomes and empower patients, not be a barrier to it.

Who Are We?

Snapsil is a technology company creating a new standard of care in healthcare packaging.


Our patented Conduction Path, IntraFuze and Multi-Step technologies enable novel pack functionalities, beyond the capabilities of existing packaging technologies.

We are motivated by the struggles elderly and impaired patients have with existing pharma packs, and the adverse impact this can have on adherence, safety, and self-care. Collaborating with Occupational Therapists, our technologies are utilized to lower the dexterity required to use packaging to promote higher adherence and independence.       

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How We Work

With input from our clients, we customise our transformative technologies to the product and patient requirements. We design, prototype, transfer, and licence use of our IP. Where required Snapsil can connect clients with material and production system suppliers who can assist customers with commercialisaton.

Headquartered in Queensland, Australia, Snapsil is seeking strategic partners to assist us to move forward with commercialisation.

Our Team

Our team comprises innovators, engineers, designers, and medical professionals dedicated to improving patient outcomes through novel packaging technologies.


We are a passionate group constantly pursuing the most innovative solutions and partnerships to shape the future of healthcare packaging. 

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