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Powders & Particles

Empowering Patients with User-Friendly


medication pack for powders and particles

Our Developments

Snapsil is developing powder and particle concepts to enhance patient usability and adherence. Our patented technology when compared to sachets, delivers easier opening and greater dispensing control, empowering patients to take control of the access to their medication.


Our concepts are for patients struggling with poor dexterity and frailty, as well as to those who could use improvements over traditional sachets.

Snapsil is leading the way in patient-centric packaging solutions.

pharmaceutical powder pack that is easy to open

Easier Opening

The concepts use a patented mechanism which simplifies the process of opening packs, reducing the grip complexity and fine motor skill precision needed to open and use the pack.


This innovative technology empowers elderly and frail patients with limited movement capability to easily access their medications, which can benefit their adherence to treatment plans.

Better Control

Snapsil's innovative technology’s dispensing control surpasses sachets, by simplifying the process of product control for elderly and frail patients with reduced hand dexterity.


Opening shapes are customisable which helps optimize getting product out of the pack.

powder pack for medication with easy opening feature


Simplifies the process of accessing medication.

Promotes at home, self-care treatment options.

Customisable to the needs of the patient and product.

Improved Usability

Opening and dispensing from sachets shouldn’t be a daily struggle. When they can’t open the packaging, patients can fail to take their prescribed medication. This affects patient adherence and risks negative treatment outcomes.

Sachets require a high level of dexterity, strength, and the use of fine finger grips tear open a sachet. Users with reduced dexterity commonly struggle with this, often unable to open the packs unaided, spilling the product and needing sharp tools to get in.


With an ageing population, it’s vital to consider packaging accessibility, especially for the frail, the elderly patients and those with chronic diseases that reduce dexterity.


Our powder and particle concepts can be customised to your needs. Contact us and we can discuss a solution for you.

front and back view of powder medication pack by Snapsil
opened powder medication pack by Snapsil

Ready to Move to the Future of Pharmaceutical Packaging?

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