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Intrafuze Injectable

Fast, Safe, and Easy Mixing for Injection - All in One Package


New Concept in Development

The Intrafuze Injectable concept is a solution for keeping two components separate within a single pack until just prior to use, at which point they can be easily combined, mixed and drawn into a  syringe for administration.

Intrafuze Injectable provides a straightforward, secure way for clinicians, pharmacists, and patients to mix and reconstitute products. With Intrafuze Injectable, product mixing and reconstitution becomes safer, easier and more efficient.

Increases Safety

By containing everything within a single pack, the Intrafuze Injectable concept reduces risks of contact, exposure, and contamination.


Additionally, the manufacturing controls put in place for the components help to reduce the possibility of human error when measuring and identifying the correct components to be mixed.

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Product Stability

The Intrafuze Injectable concept employs a patent pending pack-within-a-pack technology, with each component sealed within its own distinct compartment. 


By ensuring the separation of components until just prior to use, Intrafuze Injectable has the potential to improve product stability, streamline supply chain logistics, and reduce the number of SKUs required. This approach is particularly useful for drugs with reactive components that can shorten shelf life. 


In-pack mixing reduces the risks associated with product contact and the possibility of human error during the mixing process.

For drugs that are less stable when mixed, the Intrafuze concept offers potential benefits for supply chain stability and SKU reduction.

With fewer steps and no additional componentry, reconstitution becomes easier. It also reduces the time clinicians need for administration.

Current Practice Reconstitution

Currently, the process of drug reconstitution is complex and time-consuming, requiring clinicians to accurately calculate, draw up, and administer medications to patients. By simplifying the process and reducing the number of required steps, the Intrafuze concept decreases the risk of errors and reduces the time needed for drug preparation.

Intrafuze is beneficial for hospitals and pharmacies, where safety, accuracy, and time are critical factors. The streamlined drug preparation process that Intrafuze enables can help healthcare providers optimize workflow efficiency and reduce the burden of medication preparation, ultimately leading to improved patient care and outcomes.


How Does it Work?

Intrafuze Injectable is a new concept that is currently in development.


To use, simply flex the pack tabs to rupture the inner compartment and combine the components.

Mix by agitating the completely sealed outer pack.

Once the components are mixed, the syringe can then be filled to the desired volume. The outer pack can then be easily snapped open to remove the syringe and connect the needle. 


This simplifies the drug preparation, mixing and drawing-up process.


The Intrafuze concept is relevant for drugs where the component reactions result in reconstitution or mixing being required just before use.


With the added benefit of containing the syringe within the same pack, clinicians are able to reconstitute, mix and administrate more efficiently.


If you're interested in exploring the potential benefits of Intrafuze for your specific needs, please contact us to discuss how we can help


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