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Why Snapsil?

We are creating the future of Pharmaceutical Packaging with novel technologies that enhances usability, efficiency and safety.

The Need

Many patients, particularly the elderly and frail, struggle to access their medication due to the complex and precise hand motions and forces required by traditional pharmaceutical packaging. This makes daily medication adherence difficult, if not impossible, for many individuals.

At Snapsil, we understand that opening medication packaging shouldn't be a hurdle for patients. That's why we are innovating with new technologies and designs that make medication packages easy to open and use, even for patients with limited hand mobility or dexterity.

Our commitment to accessible packaging means we can remove the daily struggle with medication packaging and assist patients stay on top of their treatment plans.

Hand Dexterity & Force

Current pharmaceutical packaging can be challenging for patients, as it requires precise hand movements, manipulations and force. The following key actions are the most common areas where patients struggle:


Bottles & Containers

Bottle lid being opened by elderly person

Many pharmaceutical packages require high-torque twisting action, which can be difficult for patients. This movement requires complex fine manual manipulation and precise grip control.

Fine Manipulation


Sachet being torn open

Initiating the tear of a sachet package requires precise finger grips, which can be challenging for patients. This action also requires complex fine grip manipulation.

Precise Push


opening a tablet blister pack

Tablet blister packaging requires a complex combination of forces, grips, and precise hand control for opening. This movement can be particularly challenging for patients, as it involves both complex fine manual manipulation and fine grip manipulation.

“At 85, I can manage my whole house, but I can’t open tablet packaging”

Margaret Jones - 85 years old

The Snapsil Solution

Snapsil’s patented technologies enhance the usability, safety, and efficiency of packaging. Our technologies enable easier opening, requiring less dexterity, force, and fine manual manipulation.


This makes it easy for patients to access medications independently and adhere to treatments without assistance. setting a new care standard that replaces traditional pharmaceutical packaging.

For instance, compared to traditional blister packaging, Snapsil's advantages are:

  • Easier to open

  • Tablet is held in place

  • Reduces product contamination risk

  • Enables mono-material package solutions

How Snapsil Technology Works

Snapsil's technologies are based on a patented ability to fracture and control the path along a defined pathway, providing patient-friendly and functional benefits that traditional packaging technologies cannot match.


Our packs open easily when leverage is applied in the designated area, causing the material to crack. This crack then follows along a predetermined pathway, guided by a series of geometric conductors.


This unique approach to packaging allows for intuitive, easy-to-use packaging that requires less dexterity and strength than traditional packaging. Additionally, our designs can reduce the risk of product contamination and contact for safer outcomes.


Overall, Snapsil's technology offers a, safe, and easy-to-use solution that improves medication access and enhances patient adherence.

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