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Consumer Markets

Making life easier with more accessible packaging.

As the global population ages, and on-the-go consumption increases, packaging usability has become more crucial.

Snapsil’s patented technologies are well-suited for consumer and convenience markets, as they have the power to enhance user experiences, increase brand loyalty and expand access to new market segments.


Easier to Open

Snapsil requires less user dexterity and eliminates the need for scissors, knives, or other implements.

More Control

Snapsil’s greater product dispensing control is especially beneficial for on-the-go usage.

Brand Enhancing

Snapsil’s audible 'SNAP' sound is engaging & reinforces product integrity & enhances brand experience for consumers.

honey on the go pack snapsil
Miracle Gro garden packs by Snapsil
Mio drink concentrate on the go pack by Snapsil
Snap n Dose Pro by Snapsil
Hidden Valley on the go pack by Snapsil

Working With Us

We work closely with our clients to provide tailored solutions that meet their unique needs.


Our technologies are customized to fit your specific product and user requirements, based on input from you.

Snapsil designs, prototypes, transfers, and licences the use of its IP. We have connections with material and production system suppliers. This allows us to connect clients with the resources for successful commercialization, if needed by the client.

Get in Touch

Contact us today, to discuss how our easier to use technologies can enhance your brand and keep you ahead of the competition.

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