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Liquid Dose

Easy-to-Use Liquid Packaging
that Empowers your Patients

liquid pharmaceutical packaging, easy to open

Our Developments

Snapsil is developing a range of liquid packaging formats that provide superior usability to current pharmaceutical packaging formats.


Our technology enables easier opening and greater dispensing control to assist patient treatment adherence.    

We can develop packaging designs to suit your product. It can also be tailored to accommodate various patient dexterity and frailty levels. 

Easier To Use

Snapsil concepts use a patented mechanism which simplifies the process of opening packs, reducing the grip complexity and fine motor skills needed to open and use the pack.


The pack is shaped to fit comfortably in the hand, with a simple low-force lever action to open. This gives the user better control of the medication.

This aids treatment adherence for users with reduced dexterity, limited hand coordination or those that are frail.

liquid pharmaceutical pack for reduced dexterity
liquid dropper snapsil

More Dispensing Control

Upon opening, our liquid concepts provide greater product control during dispensing.  Opening shapes and sizes, can be tailored to aid product flow and evacuation. 


Requires less dexterity and force to open, making them ideal for the frail and elderly.

Our opening mechanism simplifies that process of accessing mediation. 

Promotes at home, self-care treatment options for those wanting to stay independent for longer.

Improved Usability

Opening liquid packaging shouldn’t be a daily struggle. When patients cannot open packaging they can fail to take their prescribed medication. This reduces patient adherence and risks their treatment outcomes.

With an ageing global population, it’s vital to improve packaging accessibility, especially for the frail and patients with reduced dexterity. Aging causes a reduction in muscle mass, a reduction in strength, dexterity changes and decreased hand function. When patients can't  open packaging, they can fail to take their prescribed medication. This affects patient adherence and risks negative treatment outcomes.

Below is an example of our Snapsil liquid format in use. 

Simple. No-fuss.


If you have an application in mind, please get in contact with us to discuss.

liquid snap open pack front and back view
mini liquid dropper
mini dose dropper pouring single drop

Ready to Move to the Future of Pharmaceutical Packaging?

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