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Solid Dose

Safer, Easy-to-Use Tablet Packaging
that Empowers your Patients

Easy to open double tablet pack with embossing snapsil

Our Developments

Snapsil is developing a unique range of solid dose formats that enables a range of safety and usability benefits, superior to current pharmaceutical formats. Our technology can enhance safety for users, enable easy opening and improve adherence. Our no-touch capability broadens the usability features of our range.


We can tailor the concepts to suit the patients' needs and can accommodate various dexterity and frailty levels. 

Improved Safety

Our Solid Dose concepts focus on high potency products where the need to avoid product contact is important. Our design can hold the tablet in place, reducing the need for extended skin contact with the tablet, and reduces the risk of dropped tablets or spills.

opened single tablet pack for elderly patients
Dark Brown and Beige Warm and Delicate Skincare Product Features Instagram Post (2).png

Better Control

Our concepts use a patented, opening mechanism that allows a controlled release of the tablet into your palm or onto a surface. This gives the user improved physical control of the medication. This is especially important for users with reduced dexterity, limited hand coordination or those that are frail.


The pack can be opened without skin contact, and holds the tablet in place, ready for administration.

Our packs require less dexterity to open, making them ideal for the frail and elderly

Better product control once the package is opened. This reduces the risk of dropping the tablets.

Improved Usability

Opening tablet packaging shouldn’t be a daily struggle. When they can't open the packaging, patients can fail to take their prescribed medication. This affects patient adherence and risks negative treatment outcomes.


With an ageing global population trend, it’s vital to improve packaging accessibility, especially for the frail, and patients with reduced dexterity. Ageing leads to a reduction in muscle mass, a reduction in strength and decreased hand function. This makes it more difficult to open tablet packaging, and can negatively affect their treatment adherence.

Below is a comparison example of our Snapsil tablet format, compared to a traditional blister pack. 


Our range is customisable. Get in contact with us if you have an application in mind, and we can discuss a solution for you.

single easy to open tablet pack half open
easy open double tablet pack, opened showing two tablets
child resistant tablet pack

Ready to Move to the Future of Pharmaceutical Packaging?

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