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The Future of
Pharmaceutical Packaging

We are a technology company, specialising in the development of novel packaging technologies for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. 
Our mission is to improve patient outcomes through more user-friendly, safer and efficient packaging.

Easier. Safer. Efficient.

The Snapsil Difference

Snapsil’s, new-to-world packaging technologies provide real solutions to the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry.


Our innovative solutions go beyond the capabilities of existing packaging technologies, offering usability, safety, and functionality advantages that make a real difference for patients and healthcare providers.


Our focus on user-centric design  ensures that our technologies enable easier, safer and more efficient medication administration. By leveraging our expertise in design and technology, we create customized solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients, delivering tangible benefits and improving patient outcomes.

Pharma Packaging Needs Rethinking

Pharmaceutical packaging has failed to keep pace with the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. Recent studies have revealed high levels of difficulty with existing packaging formats, particularly among frail and elderly users. Read the article here

As the global population continues to age and healthcare systems face mounting pressure, there is an urgent need for more usable, safer, and efficient packaging solutions.

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Treatment + Snapsil = Better Outcomes

At Snapsil, we believe that packaging can contribute to better treatment outcomes.


Our patented technologies can be applied to a wide range of formats, including solid dose, liquid, and powder formulations in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical device markets.


Our solutions can be tailored to meet customer’s specific project requirements, such as patient capabilities, safety, dispensing, and mixing.


By combining our expertise in design and technology, we deliver customized solutions that improve patient outcomes and assist healthcare providers to deliver the highest quality of care.

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