The Growing Need For Patient Friendly Packaging

The Growing Need For Patient Friendly Packaging

Ageing population is a well-known global mega trend. In 2014, nearly one billion people were registered as senior adults aged more than 60 years. By 2030, it is expected that this number will reach 1.5 billion people, representing 18% of the total population, and by 2050 the number will reach 2.1 billion people. In meeting the demands of an aging population, there are challenges to overcome not only for drug development but how they are provided.

2.1 Billion people 65+ by 2050

Poor packaging causes inconvenience, non adherence and in some cases injury. In contrast, patient friendly packaging can improve dosing, treatment adherence, patient safety and mobility. Numerous studies have identified the challenges patients encounter with current pharmaceutical packaging and as the ageing mega trend continues the need for user friendly packaging will only increase.

46% of people have difficulties opening medical blister pack

The Science of Accessibility

Accessibility is a Science. As we age, our strength, dexterity and some cognitive functions decline and packaging must consider this. Packaging Accessibility is an outcome delivered through a combination of force, dexterity and differentiation. Not all packaging technologies can appropriately adjust and flex to deliver across these important elements, but Snapsil’s technology can.

Packaging Accessibility Factors

Snapsil Can Assist

Snapsil’s mission is to improve the accessibility of packaging to assist patient adherence and treatment outcomes. Our professional team uses the science of accessibility to create designs to achieve leverage, moments of inertia, handling aids and product control. These combined with Snapsil technology, will give your packaging superior accessibility. Snapsil’s technology can be customised to customer requirements for solid dose, liquid, powders and device product applications.

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