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SNAPSIL® is a medical packaging innovation and IP licensing company, focussed on the design of user-friendly packaging solutions for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We design and licence the use of our globally patented technology to address specific packaging needs.

Packaging impacts patient adherence

By 2050, there’s expected to be

2.1 billion

people aged 65+

United Nations, 2017


…of people reported difficulties opening medical blister packs

Van Geffen EC, Meuwese E, Philbert D, Bouvy ML, 2010

Nonadherence can account for up to 50% of treatment failures

World Health Organisation, 2003


loss of sales per drug due to non-adherence

IMS Health, 2008

SNAPSIL® patient-friendly

medical packaging solutions

Patented technology providing easier-to-use packaging solutions to assist adherence.

Click on the brochures and videos below for ideas on how SNAPSIL® technology could be applied to your market.

For rapid and easy dispensing
Medical Device Solutions

For easy opening and accurate dosing
Powder Solutions

For no touch, sterile dispensing
Syringe Solutions

For easy open and controlled dispensing
Liquid Solutions

For easy access for reduced dexterity. A user-friendly alternative to blister packaging.
Tablet Solutions

SNAPSIL® technology enables custom packaging designs

to deliver a range of benefits

Easy to open

SNAPSIL®’s 'snap-opening' function is intuitive and easy to open, ideal for those with reduced dexterity.

Improved product control

SNAPSIL® technology allows product to stay in place, prior to dispense.

Controlled product evacuation

Easy and controlled evacuation.

Reclose functionality

SNAPSIL® offers click reclose functionality, providing a cost-efficient, multi-use alternative.

Design customisation

SNAPSIL®’s technology can be customised to your package shape and size requirements. Suitable for medical devices and all forms of medication.

We design, prototype and licence our intellectual
property to create brand advantage

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