Medical & Pharmaceutical consumers
demand easier to use packaging


81% of consumers find packaging difficult to open.


…of people reported difficulties opening blister packs

50% of individuals over 60 have trouble opening peelable seal packs, screw lids and other packaging closures ‘very frequently’

Up to


…of elderly people suffer from hand disorders such as Rheumatoid Arthritis

SNAPSIL® answers the need
for easier to use packaging.

Easier to use

SNAPSIL's 'snap-opening' function is intuitive and easier to use, making it ideal for those with less dexterity and multitasking health care professionals.

Enhanced product integrity

SNAPSIL's unique opening and audible 'snap' sound reinforces product integrity. Snapsil's unique opening technology means no scores, perforation or weakening in the opening area.

Better product control

SNAPSIL® can tailor opening shapes and sizes for your specific dispensing needs. Suitable for liquids, tablets, gels, powders and devices.

Reclose functionality

SNAPSIL® offers click reclose functionality, providing a cost-efficient, multi-use alternative.

Design customisation

SNAPSIL's technology can be customised to your package shape and size requirements. Suitable for medical equipment and all forms of medication.

Thermoforming production

SNAPSIL® utilizes efficient thermoforming production technologies.

SNAPSIL® application uses

Click on the brochures and videos below for ideas on how SNAPSIL’s technology could be applied to your market.

Injector pen
Injector Pen
Powder pack
Powder Pack
Reclose bottle
Reclose Bottle
Syringe pack
Syringe Pack
Snapsil Corporation


SNAPSIL® Corporation is a packaging innovation and IP licensing company. We design and license the use of our globally patented technology to address your specific packaging need.

SNAPSIL® design services

SNAPSIL’s team have vast experience in consumer packaging and can internally design creative options for your product. Contact us to discuss how we can meet you needs.

SNAPSIL® prototype services

SNAPSIL® can rapidly turn our designs into functional prototypes for evaluation. Contact us to discuss how we can meet your prototype needs.

Production Systems

SNAPSIL® co-operates with Multivac who can assist with production solutions where required.

Our dedicated team of specialists will be happy to discuss any of your commercial packaging needs.