Packaging can Contribute to Non Adherence

Packaging can Contribute to Non Adherence - Featured Image

Packaging can Contribute to Non Adherence

The correct and timely use of medication determines its therapeutic effect, yet physical constraints such as poor hand-grip strength, loss of fine motor skills and impaired vision negatively impact the taking of medicines. In developed countries up to 50% of patients fail to adhere to treatment resulting in an estimated $600 billion in lost sales annually [1]. Multiple studies have shown that many people, especially elderly, experience difficulties when attempting to use medication packaging formats contributing to non adherence. Medication packaging must become more focused on the patient and facilitate human interaction for a future with an ageing population and increasing self care.

Non-Adherence Statistics

Poor packaging causes inconvenience, non adherence and in some cases injury. In contrast, patient friendly packaging can improve dosing, treatment adherence, patient safety and mobility. Numerous studies have identified the challenges patients encounter with current pharmaceutical packaging and as the ageing mega trend continues the need for user friendly packaging will only increase.

46% of people have difficulties opening medical blister pack

The Science of Accessibility

Accessibility is a Science. As we age, our strength, dexterity and some cognitive functions decline and packaging must consider this. Packaging Accessibility is an outcome delivered through a combination of force, dexterity and differentiation. Not all packaging technologies can appropriately adjust and flex to deliver across these important elements, but Snapsil’s technology can.

Packaging Accessibility Factors

Snapsil Can Assist

Snapsil’s mission is to improve the accessibility of packaging to assist patient adherence and treatment outcomes. Our professional team uses the science of accessibility to create designs to achieve leverage, moments of inertia, handling aids and product control. These combined with Snapsil technology, will give your packaging superior accessibility. Snapsil’s technology can be customised to customer requirements for solid dose, liquid, powders and device product applications.

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  1. Estimated Annual Global Pharmaceutical Revenue Loss Report Published by Capgemini and Health Prize

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