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SNAPSIL® Corporation is a packaging design and IP licensing company who's revolutionary 'EASY OPENING' patented technology transform packaging experiences. Snapsil Corporation

Our mission

To create packaging that is a pleasure to use whether young, old, physically challenged or time-poor. Our packaging designs open easily using just your hands and nothing else. We strive to create innovative packaging that enhances the product experiences for customers and consumers.

The market demands
easier to use packaging

81% of consumers

...find packaging difficult to open.

Packaging drives purchase

...more than advertising, reviews and recommendations.

On-the-go consumption

...requires easier to use package.

Aging population

...increases demand for easier to use packaging.

E-commerce placing new demand on packaging.

81% of consumers

find packaging difficult to open

Packaging drives purchase

more than advertising, reviews and recommendations

On-the-go consumption

requires easier to use package

Aging population

increases demand for easier to use packaging


is placing new demand on packaging

Snapsil® is simply easier

Snapsil’s patented technology answers the market need for simply easier packaging
Snapsil easy opening

1. Snapsil® is easier to open

  • Easy open using hands only – no scissors, knives, teeth or tools
  • Easy for young, old or physically challenged
  • Easy on-the-go opening

2. ‘SNAP' sound supports product integrity

  • Audible ‘snap’ on opening
  • Adds a level of Tamper evidence

3. Snapsil® is easier to use

  • Additional evacuation control
  • Multi- functional pack possibilities

4. Snapsil® enhances the brand experience

  • Engaging and fun to open
  • Design shape flexibility

Benefits of Snapsil…

Snapsil® technology…

is a patented technology
that makes opening easier

Enables a pack to snap open. The resulting fracture is controlled along a pre-determined path.

Snapsil salad dressing

Snapsil® enables…


For better pouring control
and less spillage.

Snapsil sauce

Snapsil® has…


Suitable for liquids, gels, powders,
particles and solid products.

Multivac R245

Snapsil® utilizes…


Commercial form fill seal and fill seal systems in market
Commercial PS and PP base material in market

Snapsil® technology uses

Snapsil® technology can replace your current packaging to create real package advantage and point of difference.

Easy to open
Bespoke brand shape
Stand up on shelf
Easy to pour

Limited functionality
Partial functionality
Full functionality

Snapsil® application thought starters

Click on the boxes below for some thought starters on how Snapsil’s technology could be applied to your market area.

Green care
Green care
Personal care
Personal care

Snapsil’s technology helps to grow business

Snapsil’s patented technology has the power to increase consumer brand loyalty, enable access to new market opportunities and maximize your profitability.

1. Increase brand loyalty through packaging that users prefer

Easier to open, easier to use and engaging and fun.

2. Access new distribution channels where easier use packaging has heightened importance

Health care

Where incapacitated patients need easier to use packaging.

Aged care

Easier opening is needed for reduced dexterity.


Fun and easy to use packaging for children's developing motor skills.

On-the-go usage

Meet the need for easier to open and use packaging


New packaging shape possibilities to meet new distribution requirements (Direct to Consumer).

3. Maximize efficiency

Supply chain efficient form fill seal production.
Cost reductions may be possible compared to existing multipart packaging formats.

Recent work

Some recent examples of Snapsil® products in the market place.

Snapsil Corporation

Let’s work together

SNAPSIL® Corporation is a packaging innovation and IP licensing company. We design and license the use of our globally patented technology to address your specific packaging needs.

Snapsil® design and prototype services

We strive to create packaging outcomes to surprise and delight our customers and consumers. We are a team with vast experience in consumer packaging and can internally design creative options for your product. Do not hesitate to contact us with your design needs.

Snapsil® can readily supply packaging prototypes, so you can look, feel and snap the packs designed for you. From a handful to a few hundred, we can meet your prototype needs.  Contact us today!

Technology partners

To assist our customer’s, Snapsil® co-operates globally with Multivac for production machine solutions and material companies. Snapsil® can link customers to our co-operation partners to assist with in-house commercialization where requested.


Co-packing partners

Snapsil® does not provide co-packing services. Snapsil® co-operates with co-packers in some markets who may be able to provide co-packing services depending on customer requirements. Contact us for more information.

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