Snap N' Dose PRO


Snap N’ DoseTM Pro is the smarter, safer, more convenient way to mix concentrate


  • Pre-measured trays for spray bottles and buckets, eliminating the math and guesswork of mixing concentrates
  • No equipment or tools needed just snap and then dose. It is that simple.
  • Training takes seconds because of the simple and easy to use design
  • Small and convenient packaging requires minimal storage and makes transportation easy

Operational Efficiency

  • Simplify you operations, control your spend, and regulate your staff with portion control
  • Eliminate over-consumption, ensure cleaning efficacy and provide a safer environment
  • Pour spout designed to fit into any size bottle, making the pouring process safer and faster than any other portion control system on the market.

Professional Results

  • Market proven concentrates, now available in a single dose
  • Full range of cleaning chemicals to accomplish the cleaning task


  • Dosing without the need for measuring minimizes the contact with cleaning chemicals

Snap N Dose single_V2 from Sealed Air on Vimeo.